Italian White Wines

From Piemonte

101 Cortese di Gavi PIO CESARE

Made using 100% Cortese grapes harvested from a limited number of hilly vineyards in the area of Gavi. The grapes are soft pressed, using temperature-controlled fermentation, to enhance development of aromas and fresh and fruity characteristics. The bouquet is intense and ethereal, reminiscent of ripe fruit, green apples and moss. The palate is full and flavorsome, yet soft, with a daring hint of green fruit.

Prics: $ 45

102 Principessa Gavia GAVI

100% Cortese Gavi D.O.C.G. Considered the premier dry white wine of Italy, Principessa Gavia compares favorably with the world’s noble wines. Superlative with a distinct personality, Principessa is fruity and crisp with a gentle acidity and balanced finish. An ideal accompaniment with all shellfish, it also marries well with fish, veal and grilled chicken.

Prics: $ 55

From Campania

103 Fiano di Avellino FEUDI S. GREGORIO

100% Fiano di Avellino. Naturally aromatic white varietals, Fiano was once referred to as Apiano by the ancient Romans for its attraction to bees. Feudi di san Gregorio, a modern expression of a centuries-old tradition and dedication to the land, is Campania’s premier winemaking estate. Grapes are harvested by hand during the first half of October. Lovely bouquet of fresh peach and ripe pear, with floral and mineral notes. Gains further complexity after one year in the bottle, developing notes of hazelnut, resin and honey. Medium-bodied, round dry and elegant. Enjoy with chicken entrées, fish and grilled vegetables.

Prics: $ 50

104 Greco di Tufo dei FEUDI S. GREGORIO

100% Greco di Tufo. Delicate scents of ripe apricots, apples, fern and mint. Harmonious, with a lively acidity and a long, fruity finish. Ideal with fish dishes, pastas and risottos.

Prics: $ 55

105 Pinot Grigio LUNGAROTTI

A typically northern varietals, has adapted very well to the Umbrian weather and soil. Yellow with greenish reflections and intense nose with notes of wild mint, hay and pistachio. Dry, with good acidity and well balanced body. Intense, elegant finish.. Accompaniment: excellent aperitif yet perfect with all fish dishes, salads, and pastas.

Prics: $ 40

From Trentino Alto Adige


In 1961, the Santa Margherita oenologist decided to try the white vinification technique used for the production of French Champagne on the best Pinot Grigio grapes from Trentino-Alto Adige. The clean, intense aroma and dry flavor with pleasant golden apple aftertaste make Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio a wine of great character and versatility. Excellent as an aperitif, ideal accompaniment to seafood salads and fish- and shellfish-based pasta and rice courses. Perfect with white meats and boiled or grilled fish and with souffles.

Prics: $ 48

From Sardegna

107 Vermentino “La Cala” SELLA & MOSCA

100% Vermentino. A favorite of the jet set at Sardinia’s chic resorts, La Cala is the ultimate definition of the Vermentino grape. Few wines rival La Cala for its exceptional affinity with seafood, thank to the very subtle presence of a natural marine salinity in the wine. Elegant and supple, this single-vineyard wine couples fullness of flavor with an underlying acidity. Vermentino wines are a versatile match for a wide array of appetizers and entrées, especially shellfish and seafood dishes.

Prics: $ 30

108 Vermentino di Sardegna ARGIOLAS

Light straw yellow in color with greenish tints, Is Argiolas offers a complex bouquet of tropical fruits, pineapple and honey. Lively, mineral and fresh on the palate with a well-pronounced, delicate yet intense structure and a zesty acidity. Excellent with clams, oysters, shellfish and white meats.

Prics: $ 35

From Liguria


Bright strawish yellow color with delicate green reflections. Odor: fine of good intensity and persistency. Dry and tasty, of gentle delicacy. Elegant white wine to be served cool to accompany the first courses such as gnocchi al pesto, or with fried fish, fish starters, crustaceans.

Prics: $ 38

From Sicilia


Made from Inzolia, Cataratto and Grecanico grapes. Straw yellow in color with a delicate and persistent bouquet of green apple, peach, pear and citrus. Regaleali Bianco is dry and crisp with excellent structure and a superb fruity finish. Clean and refreshing. Great for antipasti, fish, shellfish and vegetable dishes.

Prics: $ 40


The regional grape varieties in this intriguing blend are Inzolia and Grecanico. The resulting wine is appley, but very nicely structured. Inzolia grape typically makes quite a meaty for a white, offering body and richness. Try as an aperitif, with appetizers, and fish dishes.

Prics: $ 40

From Frinli-Veneia Guila


A clear, bright-gold wine that breathes rich and complex aromas of white fruit, almonds and honey, dry and tart, with sharp, cleansing acidity forming a sturdy core. Lemons and honey and a hint of bitter almond linger in a very long finish. Match with seafood and fish dishes, veal or pork.

Prics: $ 35

113 Soave Classico BERTANI

90% Garganega, 10% Trebbiano di Soave and Chardonnay. Fresh and fruity bouquet, with distinct notes of peach and elderberry. Round and well-balanced, culminating in a clean, well-defined finish. Perfect as an aperitif or matched with appetizers, shellfish, pasta in cream-based sauces and fish entrées.

Prics: $ 40

114 Pinot Grigio CA BOLANI

Fresh and youthful, with hints of acacia flowers and subtle spicy tones. Appealingly full-flavored; very well-balanced and persistent. Delicious with non-meat appetizers, fish, white meats, or all vegetable-based dishes.

Prics: $ 38

Pinot Grigio “Lumina” RUFFINO

Lumina is a Pinot Grigio with a well recognizable personality. It’s medium-bodied structure and full aromas makes it stand out in the broad Pinot Grigio category. Straw yellow with copper overtones. The bouquet opens with sensations of wild flowers which are immediately sustained by notes of pears and green apples. Refined mineral scents bring elegance and finesse to the wide variety of aromas. On the palate is tasty and harmonious, fragrant and medium-bodied. It is characterized by fruity notes and the aromatic persistence is very long-leveled with scents of sage and freshly baked bread.

Prics: $ 40

From Toscana

116 Chardonnay “La Pietra” CABREO

100% Chardonnay. Cabreo “La Pietra” was conceived of as an IGT, or “Indicazione Geografica Tipica”, wine in order to express the innovation and creativity on contemporary Tuscan winemaking. Bright pale gold in color with a marked vanilla nose well integrated with pure, elegant varietal aromas and notes of spice. Very fresh on the palate with rich, buttery varietal fruit, firm backbone and lovely acidic balance, it finishes with clean, smooth impression of intensity.

Prics: $ 40