April 16, 2012


My husband and I found Sergio’s back in 1997 while driving my Brother In Law, Sister In Law and Father In Law, we tried finding an Italian Restaurant that had burned down on our way back to the Strip we cound you. We kept returning on visits and we decided to get married on Nov. 10, 1999 we decided Sergio’s was the place. We only had 20 people, but each of them who continue to go to Vegas keep going back to Sergio’s. In fact, Labor Day wekend 2000 my friends and I went to celebrate our 30th birthdays, upon getting off the plane and being hungry it was decided we should go to Sergio’s. We went back twice on that trip. My friends father had once owned an Italian Restaurant in the North End of Boston, and he said your Osso Bucco was the best he has ever had. HE was at our wedding and one of the ones who suggested we go to Sergio’s after getting off the plane. We are all originally from Boston andsome of us had grandparents who came from Italy, we know they would have love the food you serve up also.

To make a long story short I will simply say that we still love your restaurant. The service is wonderful and the food is even better. After years of coming to Sergio’s we still look forward to it. We missed a year coming but back in April one of the girls we got hooked on your place called me to tell me she was on her way there and since I was craving it. Las Vegas has so many restaurants and even some Italian places on the strip but NONE come close to you. Your food is exceptional along with the service. It is also to stilll se the owners in the restaurant. I can’t think of a single trip where we did not see you there Sergio.

As I said in the past we missed coming on a trip or two, but that will not happen again no matter where we are staying or who we have with us. Sergio’s is a must for us. I am glad to still see you going strong after all these years. I am also glad to see you now have a shuttle service. We usually rent a car but it is good to know we can now reccomend you to people who don’t. Thanks again for all the wonderful memories. We will definately be back as soon as we are back in Las Vegas. We will be bringing a group with us in Nov. 09 for 10th anniversaary and I know where we will be eating our anniversary dinner!!

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